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  • October16th


    Yes, I’ve been a tad busy in the best way possible lately! So busy I even forgot to post a pic of our latest addition… so here he is. This photo was taken nearly 4 months ago (where has that gone?) of Roman’s first meeting with his little brother. He was so happy and excited and is still smothering little Dylan with kisses and cuddles every day.

    So I’ve been taking it fairly easy and just enjoying my two boys because we all know life zips by way too fast and I’m just happy to be soaking up every moment I can with them. (Although I’m trying to slip in a little illustration here and there!) Thanks for sticking with me and forgiving my posting sparseness. xo

  • March8th


    Just a little something I’ve been working on for the last 6 months!

    We’re all pretty excited here to be expecting a little brother for Roman. There’s a fair bit of kicking and wriggling going on (from both the bump and Roman) which is why I’ve been a bit light on the posts for the last little while. Feeling pretty good at the moment though – I guess this is the easy part. : )

    I’ll be moving this little blog of mine in the next week or so. I’m going for the whole blog/website-in-one vibe, I’m hoping it will be less upkeep for me which (hopefully) will mean more time for illustrating. Will keep you posted on the move! x

  • December9th



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    Well, the kid had quite a time at his first birthday party. He woke from his nap just in time and then ran around like a little rocket for the next three hours. He also managed to stuff his face with the banana cake I made – he even stole half my piece! This recipe was amazing. I was a bit scared making something new and especially since I doubled the quantities, but it turned out perfectly.

    We opened up our back room and had the do outdoors… he’s been sporting his ‘1’ t-shirt that I made him ever since and we rescued some of the streamers from outside for his room yesterday. I just cut up some coloured paper into squares and ran them through the sewing machine to make these – easy! I handpainted the trees onto the back wall of his room a while ago.

    We’re making a Christmas mobile today – will post a pic tomorrow. x

  • July19th


    …that I haven’t been around much lately.

    The first is that I have yet to unpack my studio supplies and set everything up. I totally underestimated how much time and effort goes into moving house. (I have to decide what to repaint my new room too, apple green is not quite me… any suggestions?)

    The second reason (and my favourite one) is that I have been very busy enjoying the little one. Playing blocks, walking to the beach, making a great mess with mashed potato and chasing the cat up the hallway! We had a big day yesterday… his first tooth, pulling himself to stand up and seeing whales breach at the beach.

    So apologies for the blog being a bit boring of late but I hope you can forgive me. x

  • June12th

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    I know I should be packing, but I had to share the kid’s latest toy. We gave this to him for his ‘half’ birthday last week and although his little feet don’t reach the bottom yet we’re sure he’ll get a few years of enjoyment out of this one! This little pony came from our local antique store and fits in nicely with his other wooden toys and handmade friends.

  • May20th

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    Here’s a peak at what the kid and I got up to last weekend. It was great to get away with hubby down to Melbourne for a short break. Lots of strolls with coffee and danish stops to keep us going! Lucky we got outside while we were down there as it’s been bucketing down since we got home… Oh well, cozy cuddles on the couch aren’t that bad either. x

  • April22nd


    Here’s a sneak peak of a quilted playmat I made for the kid. I bought the fabric from here and was inspired by this blog and this blog.

    This is the first quilt I’ve ever made and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Bless the internet for the wealth of information and tutorials on just about anything you want to create! (I’ll post a pic of the whole quilt when it’s sunnier, the weather here is a tad grey at the moment.) x

  • March17th


    Time Out…

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    Sometimes it’s nice to take some time out for the little things. Like walks on the beach and cuddles. x

  • March4th


    Thanks little man! The last 3 months have been the best ever… love Mum. x

  • February1st


    I don’t think Johnny realizes that he’s not the baby. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. x