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  • October16th


    Yes, I’ve been a tad busy in the best way possible lately! So busy I even forgot to post a pic of our latest addition… so here he is. I’ve been taking it fairly easy and just enjoying my two boys because we all know life zips by way too fast and I’m just happy to be soaking up every moment I can with them. (Although I’m trying to slip in a little illustration here and there!) Thanks for sticking with me and forgiving my posting sparseness. xo

  • May20th

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    Here’s a peak at what the kid and I got up to last weekend. It was great to get away with hubby down to Melbourne for a short break. Lots of strolls with coffee and danish stops to keep us going! Lucky we got outside while we were down there as it’s been bucketing down since we got home… Oh well, cozy cuddles on the couch aren’t that bad either. x

  • March17th


    Time Out…

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    Sometimes it’s nice to take some time out for the little things. Like walks on the beach and cuddles. x

  • March4th


    Thanks little man! The last 3 months have been the best ever… love Mum. x

  • February1st


    I don’t think Johnny realizes that he’s not the baby. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. x

  • January23rd


    This week the theme for Diana’s Daily Art Stop Challenge is ‘Love‘ and I thought this pair would make a good entry. I’m a tad late this week because I’ve been busy kissing the cheeks of my new love…
    …the best excuse ever! My little guy is 7 weeks old now and we’re getting along just fine, he’s even been letting me sleep through the whole night for over a week – what a gem! x

  • December24th


    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I think I’ve got the best Christmas present ever this year… this is what I’ll be doing all day (and the next and the next…) Can’t wait to give my little one this. Hope you all have a wonderful day wherever you are. x

  • December4th


    Well, the countdown is finally complete and the big moment is nearly here! You’ll have to excuse me for a little while as our little household expands +1 and we get settled in. I’ll post some updates when I can – thanks so much for all your well wishes! x

  • November17th


    Here’s the finished toy from last Friday – he might make a good Christmas present for someone special coming in just 28 days! This was super easy to make even without a pattern, I just kind of messed around as I went along. I haven’t named him yet though – any ideas?

  • November14th

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    Ok, so the spare cupboard is overflowing with scraps of old clothes and such that I keep hanging onto with the intention of using “one day”. Today I decided to get to work on the pile and have so far come up with this. I think this little guy will be quite cute and the best part is he’s free!

    Thanks to Dot for tagging me and sharing all those thrifty links that inspired me. Keep an eye out for the finished product! x