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  • October16th

    Yes, I’ve been a tad busy in the best way possible lately! So busy I even forgot to post a pic of our latest addition… so here he is. I’ve been taking it fairly easy and just enjoying my two boys because we all know life zips by way too fast and I’m just happy to be soaking up every moment I can with them. (Although I’m trying to slip in a little illustration here and there!) Thanks for sticking with me and forgiving my posting sparseness. xo

  • October15th

    Scattered thoughts… x

  • October11th

    Honor Bowden Rapture

    Oh, hello! Well here we are at my new look blog/website where everything should be a little easier to find and peek around at.

    Here’s a new painting I’ve done for the annual Illustrators Australia 9×5 Exhibition. It’s an original artwork done in pencil and acrylic directly onto wood just for the exhibition. This piece and works by other artists are available for auction either at the exhibition or online at illustratorsaustralia.com/2011_9x5/

    It sure was nice to do a painting/illo again… it’s been too long! x Here’s the deets in case any of you are in Melbourne next weekend, should be a fun show!

    RAPTURE – the 16th Annual 9×5 Exhibition
    Opening night: Fri 14th Oct from 6pm
    Gallery open Sunday from 10am-3pm
    Where: Space 39, Level 2, 39 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
  • March29th

    I’ve donated 3 of my prints to the Illustrators Australia Online Auction for Japan. 100% of proceeds are being donated to Red Cross Australia’s Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011.

    Feel free to browse the gallery and pick up some great art you can feel good about! To make a bid click the link to the eBay listing. x

  • March9th

    This is the ‘hero shot‘ for Envision Optical, a new independent optometrist on the Gold Coast. 
    My husband happens to be the owner/managing director/optometrist for Envision which happened to make me the creative director. We’ve been working on Envision stuff like crazy people since mid last year (which feels like forever!) but I think we’re finally starting to bring it all together.
    I’ve created the brand from scratch, including everything from the logo to business cards, flyers, posters, artwork for the stores, other graphics, a website, and even re-decorated a couple of the stores – which involved a fair bit of painting, furniture renos, and re-upholstering – got to love a staple gun! Busy, busy, busy.
    I’m posting a weird eye fact each week on our blog and facebook page so if you want to impress your friends with some trivia check it out! x
  • February26th

    Thanks for stopping by. x

  • February20th

    Found the cutest blog called What I Wore Today and was inspired by the exhausting heat here at the moment to submit this piece. A bikini and a sarong is about all I can bear at the moment. I love you Summer but I won’t be complaining when Autumn arrives. x

  • February19th

    Just one layer needed at the beach! Thanks for checking out the eye candy this week. x

  • February12th

    Yes. I actually did this one just for Illustration Friday. Told you I was back. x

  • February6th

     …and I’ll wear an octopus hat if I want to! Well, not really (I’m not that brave) but if I was what could be more fun than wearing this outfit and dancing around the streets of Paris?

    I’m celebrating my birthday today with my son at kindy for the morning and my husband taking the day off. Bliss. x

    Romance Was Born headpiece, top and shell jewellery photographed by Christopher Jeney for Harper’s Bazaar September 2009